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How long have you been working for Mike Vincent & Son?

I have worked for MVS for 12 years

What do you contribute to the business?

My specialist areas are Tenancy Accounts & Rent Collection. 

What is your Job Role?

Team Member

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Family Times, Reading & Socialising with Friends

What previous experience have you had prior to working at MVS?

I worked for a large Banking Corporation for 10 years and advised on Mortgages & Investments

What local knowledge do you have & have you lived in Clacton all your life?

I am a "True" Clactonian which gives me an in depth knowledge of the local Tendring Peninsular.

In your opinion, what makes MVS different to other Estate Agents in Tendring?


  1. Experience
  2. Understanding of the market
  3. Understanding how homes are built
  4. Local Knowledge
  5. Understanding the Sales & Lettings Process
  6. Being Friendly and Approachable